How Work-At-Home Moms Can Take Charge of Their Career

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Working from the comfort of your own home offers many perks and benefits, but there’s a common misconception that it’s a breeze caring for your kids while you work. The flexibility of a home-based job is great, but things can easily get out of hand when kids start crying in the middle of a conference call.

Balancing work and childcare is hard, it does take careful organization and planning, and it’s not always possible as family life can become quite unpredictable. Before you think that this is an impossible mission, here are several tips on how to turn things in your favour.


Work from Home Tips

Set up an office and a schedule

When you need to work from your home, make sure you set up a spot just for work, whether it’s just a nook in the kitchen, a desk in your bedroom or a spare room that you can turn into your home office. A clever hack for busy moms is to keep a baby monitor at their work spot so that they can keep an eye or ear on their child, but still, be focused and get the work done as well.



Take advantage of the precious time when your baby naps and start ticking off things from your task list. Break up large assignments into smaller chunks and you’ll feel more productive and accomplished. Things will get done more easily, even if you end up carrying a few jobs over to the next day.

Embrace multitasking as it will become your everyday necessity. However, make sure you learn how and when to do it so you don’t end up with a dozen unfinished projects. Once they pile up, it will be very difficult to manage them even if you carry them over to the next day. It might become a vicious circle that’s very hard to break. Therefore, make sure you finish what you start and ask for help if things become alarming.


Work from Home
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Never stop learning

As a work-at-home mom, you might be in danger of losing perspective of what is needed to stay in the game since you have no co-workers to relate to. This is why it’s important to keep learning. Find a mentor, look for professional training options and opportunities to develop your professional skills, such as obtaining a certificate III in business that can help you deepen your knowledge in business and administration, and boost your confidence in a wide range of business applications.


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Establish a rhythm

It’s quite a challenge balancing family life and a work-at-home career so try finding a way these two could complement each other. We all have different energy levels and work rhythms during the day, so it’s essential you know not only your very well but your child’s too. Plan your activities according to your daily highs and lows and you’ll be more efficient than trying to force tasks in rigid time frames.


Work from home
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Organize your day

Once you’ve got your rhythm established, work out the best way to get organized. It’s not just about making to-do lists, you need to enjoy your work and feel good about it. Schedule breaks and squeeze in a family activity such a stroll in the park, games, reading books or cuddle time with your baby. It will benefit you both: they’ll feel important and you’ll be more fulfilled.

There is no shortcut or magic formula for balancing good child care and a work-at-home career. It will be hard but it’s doable. There will be good days and bad days, just be prepared, organized and proud of your accomplishments however big or small they may be!

What tips and strategies have you done to be more productive when working from home?


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