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How To Teach Your Kids the Art of Storytelling

They say that stories shape the way we all see the world. In the old days, stories helped civilizations relate themselves to one another, this is where legends, myths, and folktales were born. Through the art of storytelling, humans have been able to nurture our social experience […]

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4 Baby Literacy Tips

As a Barefoot Books Ambassador, former teacher and mother, I am always looking for studies about the benefits of literacy in children. It is always said that the earlier parents start reading to their children, the better. In addition, Pediatricians are now prescribing books to their […]

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Benefits of Reading A Wordless Book

Our Background My husband and I come from Puerto Rico, and we mostly speak Spanish in our household. My husband and I talked about raising our children Bilingual. We wanted them to speak Spanish in our home, and English outside of the home. Well, this […]

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10 Tips on Reading With Your Children

Early exposure to reading aloud has such a long-term influence on children’s outcomes, pediatricians in the United States are now required to “prescribe” reading to parents of all babies from birth! Children love when their parents or loved ones read aloud to them at home. It’s a special time with their parents, where bonding […]

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