7 Reasons Why You Should Start a Virtual Assistant Business

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Ever wonder why you should start a small business as a Virtual Assistant? In this post, I will lay the 7 reasons why you should start working as a Virtual Assistant.


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What is a Virtual Assistant or VA?

A Virtual Assistant or VA (for short) is an independent contractor who provides numerous services, such as administrative, technical, or at times works as a creative assistance to their clients. A VA is an independent entrepreneur and a small business owner. I recently started my VA business after seeing The Virtual Savvy’s page on various platforms of social media, and it prompted me to start my own business. If you wish to see my services, go to my VA business page.

Although this profession gives that you, the entrepreneur a degree of independence, the work that we provide to clients are on a contractual basis, and/or a long-lasting relationship.


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Here are a couple of reasons why you need to start your VA for your business


1. You LIKE doing administrative work:

If some of your clients are like my husband, where he cannot deal with paperwork, then looking for a client like him, would be the best customer ever! As a VA your job is to take the administrative workload off an entrepreneur’s shoulders. Remember, they started their business because they had a vision. As a VA you can take all these tasks off their hands, and they, in turn, can focus on what is important, managing and growing their business, which means cash for you! Cha-ching!


2. They do not want to hire a Full-Time Employee:

Some business owners are always looking for ways to save money, and one way is to hire a VA. If a business owner hires a VA, they do not need to pay fringe benefits such as insurance benefits, unemployment, health insurance, vacation or sick time to pay. Even though for you, this is NOT a perk, but from the way I look at it, it’s more opportunities for you to work with different clients at YOUR time and make quick money.  Who doesn’t like that?


3. You love helping others succeed:

Some people just LOVE helping others. If your passion is helping a business grow, then your client, by outsourcing their work over to you, is a win-win on both sides. We are human beings, in need of support of one another. You as a VA can help the entrepreneur take the load off those pesky tasks, and they, in turn, can focus on what is important in their business. And you can grow your business as well as a VA because you are acquiring skills that maybe you did not have before starting your business.


4. You love social media: 

I am going to tell you a secret, my hubby cannot for the life of him work with social media. Shocking! I know! But, I still love him. Here is where YOU, as a VA come in to help. Social media is constantly changing, and sometimes people cannot keep up with those changes (cue Maria’s hubby here), and they often feel out of the loop, but know the importance of it. As a VA your job is to assist your client in managing their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest accounts! As the savvy VA person that you are, you can assist your client in keeping their social media in tip-top shape, and help promote your client’s business to new and old customers!


5. You do not mind doing errands:

Yup, even booking a vacation trip, or medical appointment, as a VA you can provide that service! Your client needs to do their grocery shopping? Yup you can do that, Walmart app anyone? Do they need shopping for office supplies? You as a VA can do those tasks! (If you like them). You decide what services you provide or not to your clients. Remember YOU are your own boss.


6. As a Virtual Assistant, you are already proficient with the latest tools and technology to do the job.


Give yourself some credit! You know things! USE your talents in order to make money! Some people do not have the creativity or just simply cannot deal with the latest technology, this is an area where you can capitalize on those pain points. Especially small business and local shops, most of the times they do need help with the new technology and tools, and here is an open market for you to make some income.


7. As Virtual Assistant, you have the flexibility of how many hours you work!

Imagine yourself taking your laptop to the beach and do some work there! As a VA your job is remote, you can do it, wherever you want! Or if you have a child with a severe medical condition or disability, or you are just are a Stay-At-Home mom, you can work from your home and get some income while taking care of your loved ones.


Is being a Virtual Assistant Worth It?

For some people, yes, it is worth it! Especially for Stay-At-Home moms, Army spouses, anyone who wants to earn an extra income, being a VA is a great way at making a quick buck.

If you want more information about being a Virtual Assistant, I HIGHLY suggest you heading over to The Virtual Savvy’s page, Abbey Ashley is GREAT at explaining all the benefits that you can offer as a VA.

7 reasons to hire a virtual assistant

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