5 Great and Practical Ways to Show Your Family Appreciation

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In this day and age, many of us are so busy with our daily lives that we start taking very important things – like our family – for granted.

However, there are many good, easy, and practical ways to show your family how much they mean to you. If you organize your time well, those things would not make much of a difference in your work schedule, but they would make a difference when it comes to your family relationships.

So, if you love your family and are looking for ways to express that love, here are five suggestions that you should consider.


1. Cook them something

You probably know that feeling of coming home from a hard day at work or school, hungry and tired, only to see that there is a hot meal already waiting for you at the table.

Our parents have made food for us when we least expect it and when we most need it many times, so why not do the same for them?

They’ve certainly had similar moments when they just couldn’t be bothered to make anything, so think about surprising them with a nice meal from time to time. Even if you’re not that much of a cook, there are always simple dishes you can prepare, and they would definitely appreciate it either way.


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2. Help with the daily chores

One very practical way to show your family members how much you appreciate them is by doing their chores for them. We all have things that we don’t really like doing, like washing the dishes or taking out the trash.

So, if your parent or sibling is tired, not in the mood, busy, or if you simply want to help out, do their least favorite chores for them. Similarly, when the time comes for spring cleaning, help around the house.


3. Give them gifts

Even though you can’t buy love with material things, gifts are still a great way to show appreciation for your family, and they can be very practical as well.

So, try to find out what your family members need. Perhaps your parent’s phone could use an upgrade or your sister is trying to save up for a new pair of jeans. If you’re not sure what to get them, you can’t go wrong with personalized gift cards –they are great for any occasion, and this way, you can rest assured that they would love their gift.


4. Be there for them

Sometimes, all we need is somebody to listen to us, give us a hug, or simply be nearby. Therefore, be there for your family – ask them how they are doing and if there is anything they need, show them affection, and listen to them. It can make them feel much better, and it can bring you closer together.

After all, we will all go through difficult times sooner or later, and it’s much easier not going through those periods alone.


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5. Spend time with them

One of the best gifts you could give your family is your time. As mentioned, people often take their family for granted, so they start spending time together only on special occasions like holidays or birthdays.

So, if you truly want to show your family members how much you care about them, make an effort to spend more time together. Find something you can do together, and spend time learning about each other, sharing thoughts and interests, and simply enjoying your time together.

No matter how challenging family relationships can sometimes be, they are still unique. They give you an opportunity to grow – both together and as individuals – but only if you put effort into nurturing them. So, do whatever you can to show your family members how much they mean to you, and your family relationships are bound to become stronger and more loving than ever before.


About the author: Claire Adams is a personal and professional development expert who believes that a positive attitude is one of the keys to success. Writer and frequent traveler from Perth, Australia, loves cooking, enjoys music, and has a passion for protecting the environment.

5 Great and Practical Ways to Show Your Family Appreciation Mom and Son

5 Great and Practical Ways to Show Your Family Appreciation - Mom
5 Great and Practical Ways to Show Your Family Appreciation - Mom and Son


  1. Avatar
    Val@thoughtfulneighbor.com at

    This is a great reminder, especially for busy parents. I’ve been trying to do a better job at #5 and it makes my weeknights much more enjoyable.

    1. Avatar
      Maria at

      I hear you Val, sometimes I need to practice more #5 as well. You can easily get carried away working from home. The best way for this is to time block and that way we can have better time management.

  2. Avatar
    Lauren Floyd at

    Cooking goes over huge with my husband. I secretly made a goal to cook dinner at least every other day each week just for him using the Laila Ali cook book he bought for me. I’ve made two meals, and he has been so appreciative. I really want to keep it up.

    1. Avatar
      Maria at

      That is great Lauren! It’s the simplest things that makes others happy. I will look for that cookbook!

  3. Avatar
    Katie at

    Great tips! As full time working parents, I know we are quick to get things done and don’t take the time to slow down and show appreciation. Thank you!

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